Bryan Sun孙伯睿

Sales Consultant

With a strong background in accounting and finance, and his experience in customer service, Bryan is readily able to provide honest and seasoned advice. He understands that the difference between a good and a great agent is their communication, trust, responsibility and enthusiasm.

Having obtained his Master’s in Commerce in 2012 at Deakin University, Bryan took up a position as an Accountant and later on as a Mortgage Broker before making the switch to real estate. Thus, he is able to provide a more fulfilling experience for those looking at buying or selling.

Bilingual in both Mandarin and English, Bryan has proven to be a fantastic asset to both international and local clients. Armed with his motivation to learn more and his excellent market knowledge, Bryan strives for premium results.

Outside of work, Bryan is spending time with his wife and his young daughter. He also enjoys basketball, swimming and reading to gain more knowledge.